New Trees to the farm in 2020

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babcock peach
satsuma plum
fuji apple
naval orange

Our Story written “Many Long Years Ago”🎵

Mommy and Son were just perusing some old letters and documents, and we ran across this “autobiographical story” written many years ago, probably around the inception of said farm. Please enjoy learning about our history.


A County Farm

There is the Mommy and Son Country Farm, who is hoed and planted in the spring by its two dedicated farmers, extra watered in the summer by the farmers, and harvested and readied for winter in the fall. The two farmers do not come out in the winter, except if a bad storm comes, and they want to check that all the plants are doing well, and then, they will hurry back inside in the shelter of their warm home
The farm is lonely in the winter, for the farmers do not come out because it would rain often. But then when the sun shone bright, all the crops knew it was time to wake up and show new leaves. Now on the first day of spring, the farmers did not expect to see new growth. Two weeks into spring when all the other plants, the perenials, were showing growth, the annuals were taken out..
n spring, the farmers would come out every single day in the summer the farmers would come out every other day and in fall every day for in spring there was much work to be done…hoeing and planting and in fall there was much work to be done…preparing for the winter and harvesting and in summer it wasn’t that they couldn’t plant, it was that they did not plant because they had planted all in spring.
And if they had not finished it in spring they would have done it in the summer They would come out every two days to check if they needed water of if anyone was in trouble they also transplanted throughout the year , at the beginning of winter, the whole farm would stop. Of course, if there was a sunny day in winter,, they would come out and check their plants

So this particular spring was an up and cheerful one the farmesrs came out the 2nd day of spring and quickly checked the farm… they began to weed for over the wirnter, they only put the hay arounjd the plants, so that allowed weeds to grown even in winter though there are not seasons, well sort of seasons but not like back east, the first thing they did was weed out the whole place back to back top to bottom hi to low so they drew a diagram to decide where to plant the plants once they drew a diagram they could see they already had many spots covered with perennials. But the front and back hills were now empty for planting with hard, rocky soil. They did not mulch the soil until they decided what would go there for each type of plant preferred a different kind of soil so Farmer Mommy said what shall we plant this year and Farmer Son said I don’t know what do you think will be good? Well I really don’t know well we have quite a few perennials yes I know Farmer Son suggested cantaloupe corn spinach pumpkin and honeydew and beets carrots onions turnips Farmer Mommy said we only have so much land and we must be sensible. Because we are not going to be buying any more. Late that night they wrote down what they would plant cantaloupe, honeydew., casaba, and corn on the back hill and on the front hill, they put peppers, tomatoes, pumpkins, beans, more corn, beets, carrots, turnips and all different kinds of leafy vegetables that they could find a place for. They already had dug up the concrete, to get more land to plant more things, they had already planted fruit trees and berries on the new land

That left only a few more places for fruit trees. Farmer son asked farmer mommy we wont be planting any more fruit trees farmer mommy said we must make space for the things we love we already have many fruit trees farmer mommy said very well, we won’t be planting any more fruit trees bearing quite a lot of fruit said farmer son

The next day farmer Mommy and farmer son grabbed two shovels and were gone in a flash. Mommy and son rolled up to the mulch place and got lots of mulch, shoveled the mulch from the car to the truck they did this five times so that got them 30 wheel barrels full of mulch

They arose at 5 am to be dressed and eaten breakfast by 615 and the first thing they did was wheeled 10 barrels full to the back and 20 wheel barrels to the front this is a different mulch that the fertilizer, this was the mulch you put into the soil. Since they go up every morning at 5, they would go to bed every night at 7. They arose once again at 5 am, but this time they pushed the snooze button for another 5 minutes. Then instinctively, son tapped mommy and mommy tapped son that they must get up as they were already 5 minutes behind schedule. This was now a week after the heavy rain. They learned that it is better to water once a week heavily. So they watered their plants and then went back inside to do household chores. Vacuuming and dusting and other household chores like washing the windows .and then of course at noon, they would stop for lunch and of course everything had been done, and then they relaxed -from when they finished lunch until when they had to leave at 2 Now at 2, They were thinking about shopping, new stainless steel pot and new plates, they never used plastic or wooden plates, they always disposable plates, they barely went out during the winter they mostly stayed inside and never came out except when they to visit another family member, but they didn’t come out unless it was a sunny day. They never went food shopping, for their farm had gotten so big, they never had to go shoppings they did when they were buying plates or dried beans or lentils or barley or flour. The only thing they had to wash was pots and mixing bowls. The kitchen no longer had places for forks and plates. They had ripped them out to store all the food throughout the winter. They had installed heat, wind, and mist so they would keep the

food fresh as if they were still out on the tree. they only used the refrigerator for things they had cooked. All the food from the farm needed to be eaten. So they would keep them in the drawers, so they made them like they were still on the tree they would get hear and mist and wind as if they were still outside on the tree almost every day you would see smoke coming out of their chimneys. They had three fireplaces around the house, which they used to keep the house warm when I said they did not go out if ever during the winter, they never ran out of food and they did have water which they used but they never went out in the winter. But they did go out every single day to the wood shed which was right off the tool shed, he would have to walk 10 feet from the house to get the wood, and boy did he look funny when he came out…he had two scarves, two pair of socks, and two pairs of pants, and jackets.

They never let the fire die out, just once a week for five hours. They had three fireplaces to keep going so every hour and a half they would thrown in another big log to burn. to keep it going all night long.

.They went shopping one night even though they knew they would not get home until 7, for they knew they had to get up early so they stopped at a fast food store to get something, so when they got home by 7, all they had to do was to put away the winter use and then go to bed.

They got the wood from the same place they got the mulch. They only go out to get the wood every day they would only go out to a family member’s house, but basically it was only them until march21. They stayed at home
At the end of fall right before thanksgiving thanksgiving was not the last time they were seen out they had harvested everything by thanksgiving but they still had to finish preparing the farm for winter because after winter they never went out until spring. The first thing they had to harvest was the corn because that was the most prolific and hardest to harvest. And that took a whole day. When they would go out every other day in summer, they would harvest the berries and all the other summer furits. And then they would in fall was the biggest harvesting of all after the corn came the pumpkins. After the pumpkins came honeydew, watermelon, cantaloupe, and casabas figs then came apples then came peppers and then came apples and then leafy vegetables like the kale and cilantro garlic so they needed to have it in the house because they couldn’t go out., after lunch they could not come out because they were making fgoom in their srotuing place In the kitchen they had left the kitchen they had made a big open place which I told you about earlier in the book you wanted to open the cabinet as little as possible. It was sealed around it to keep out the air the celery and the lettuce and any other one I did not mention that was all done by thanksgiving take one last look bring in wood and close the door the next day they would go to the general store and pick up their winter goods.

Author’s Note
Mommy and Son County Farm is a real place in Southern California down a small driveway a small farm popped out surrounded by other homes that are not farms Mommy and Son County Farm sustains only us. Every open land we have is covered in greenery It is only a 1.2 acre but boy there is a lot to do out there every day playing, weeding planting harvesting and just having fun we have fun every day my mommy and I work on it every day except for the winter we love our farm and hope that you do too We hope our story inspires you to grow your own food and become self sustaining farmers.

Our pluot tree

This is the journey a pluot tree of ours traversed… its beginning was in the cold of winter where it lay dormant. Then onward to the fresh, lush spring, and its beautiful and bountiful white flowers, and finally onto the hot summer weather, its final ripe “babies” born and ripening on its leaves.  Mommy and Son then harvested her largess and shared it with our wonderful friends and patrons.


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